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Make your own puppet

Hand puppets are great fun to make, and engaging for a wide age range. Here’s how to make your own.

1. Use the template to cut out two shapes from plain fabric.


Click on the template to enlarge it, then print it off. To make the puppet’s body you could use felt, cotton (calico) or another plain material. You don’t want anything too soft and, if you are planning or drawing on the fabric, you don’t want it too textured either. You need two pieces to form a front and back.

2. Sew the pieces together.

Join the two material shapes, remember to leave the bottom open as your hand needs to be able to fit. You can either make the stitches a feature of the puppet or sew with the pieces turned the opposite way to what you want, so that at the end you can turn it the right way again with the stitching hidden from view.

3. Decorate.

How you make your puppet look is entirely up to you, here’s a selection of my favourite materials to use.

Fabric Crayons: Great for colouring in large areas of fabric and easy for little hands to use too.

Fabric Pens: Great for outlines and details.

Scrap Material: Cut up old clothes or use fabric scraps for costumes.

Fabric Glue: Helpful if you are sticking the costume onto the puppet.

Wool Scraps: Great for hair

Card: Can be cut to make accessories such as swords for pirates and crowns for princesses.

Sticky eyes: You can buy these on a roll in a selection of styles, or you could just draw them on or use wobbly eyes.

Wool tops/fleece: Great for adding texture to animal styles and for hair.

Additional: Anything else you have lying around that might be useful.


Over the summer we ran a series of puppet making workshops. We provided each of our young crafters with a blank fabric puppet and a wide range of materials. Their imagination and input into the session was fantastic! Here is a selection of some of the fabulous creations.

Have fun making!


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