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Review: Chocolatiere Electric Melting Pot

I’ve always melted chocolate over a pan in the past, but when working with young children, or just with big groups, the hot equipment and need of a kitchen can sometime pose problems. I recently invested in a couple of Chocolatiere Melting Pots and here’s what I thought of them.

The pots are a cute size, great for personal use but if you are working with a group or on a large project where you need plenty of melted chocolate at once you will need more than one. There’s a choice of settings so that you can either melt the chocolate or just keep it warmed up and a selection of moulds and tools come with the machines.

It probably took about 10 minutes to melt the first small batch, once ready I turned the setting down and the chocolate did remain liquid and easy to use. The outer base remained cool and even the sides of the pan didn’t get too hot, great if you’re working with kids. As always when melting chocolate you have to ensure that you don’t splash any water into the melting pot.

The pan lifts out of the base for ease of pouring and I set about filling the various moulds with melted chocolate.  The melted chocolate was very shiny and smooth.

I then returned the pot to the base unit, turned it up and added more chocolate to melt. This seemed to take a little while to do, probably longer than it would have taken over the stove, but I was happy with the trade-off for ease of use and safety.

I decided to do some dipping of marshmallows and the little pots are great for this, you get tools to spear them with and there was plenty of chocolate in the pot to do a full packet. I did try to dip one using the metal fork tool that was provided, however, when twisting a marshmallow out of the chocolate the tool broke in half with the metal coming away from the plastic.

My last experiment involved spreading chocolate onto greaseproof paper with the spatula that was provided. Again this worked well but did require a lot of stopping and starting while the chocolate melted.

Once it had set I removed the chocolate from the mould and most came away easily. Some of the moulds didn’t seem that sturdy but as items included in a package they were perfectly fine.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first attempt at using an electric melting pot and if you want a little machine to use for a hobby or for use with children then I would highly recommend these. However, if you have a group please note that you are going to need several of these to be able to keep up with the demand for the melted chocolate as you go.


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