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Quick Project: Felted Stones

Felted stone: easy felting project

Felted stones are a great way to introduce yourself to wet felting, or to just make something that looks colourful and lovely! They are very simple and can easily be made by children as well as adults.

What you will need:

Felt making

Some smooth, clean pebbles: try to get oval ones for ease of wrapping.

Wool top/roving: I recommend using merino wool.

Soap: You can use dish soap or grated soap but I perosnally like liquid olive soap.

Two dishes to hold water (hot and cold, see method).

Old towel.

Plastic bag: I use clear food freezer bags, these can be resused as long as you wash them out each time you change wool colour.

How to make:

Before starting fill one of your bowls with cold water and put it into the fridge for later then take your bowl of warm water and add plenty of soap to it.

Take the merino wool tops and pull at tufts to loosen the strands.

Wrap the wool around the stones, try to poke in any loose strands.

Dip the wrapped stone into the warm soapy water, remove it and squeeze between your hands to add pressure to the wool and to ensure the water is soaking through.

If your stone has any patches which aren’t covered add more wool and repeat the process.

Once you are happy with the coverage you can again dip the stone into the water then place it into the plastic bag.

Squeeze the bag and pass it between your hands placing pressure on the stone… continue this until the wool has transformed into the matted felt texture, if it dries out at all just add a bit of warm soapy water into the bag.

To finish the stone take it form the bag and place it into the bowl of cold water that you prepared earlier.

Remove and let it dry in a wamr place – you don’t want it to stay soggy for too long.

Your felted stone is complete!


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